An innovative and smart solution for the circular economy.

TraceSurfer is a B2B tailored traceability solution for companies who want to become sustainable leaders and want to reduce their carbon footprint.

Transparency, impact and purpose, is what the new smart consumers will value in their future purchase decisions.

Most brands fail to give consumers relevant information about their products and what to do with them after their use, generating tons of unnecessary waste each year.

Trace Surfer is the smart traceability solution that will help companies recover materials from garments, save production costs and generate new revenue streams, while successfully empowering their consumers with relevant information, helping them make better consumer decisions.

Be part of the change towards a circular economy!

How TraceSurfer works

We help companies save production costs by using technology as a powerful tool for product and material recovery.

With TraceSurfer companies will save money by using recycled materials instead of new materials and also reducing the use of precious natural resources.

With TraceSurfer, companies will reduce waste, generate new revenue streams such as resale and repair business models, they will gain new demanding markets and consumers, and we will also help them achieve future regulation compliance as the Extended Producer Responsibility.

TraceSufer in the fashion industry

Using TraceSurfer our clients will be able to:

  1. Scan our QR code on the label of any product.
  2. Recover materials and save costs
  3. Encrypted data with blockchain.
  4. Offer clients safe and relevant information about product provenance.
  5. New revenue streams such as resale and repair models.
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